Design museum

During the summer of 2017, 019 occupies a wing of Design museum Gent following their first price in the Provincial Award for Design. The collective closes the doors on their current location from May to September and moves its entire operation. The building on the outskirts of the town is literally sealed shut. It’s time for experimentation, an exercise. More specifically, an exercise in moving, because the building where 019 is temporarily housed, will get a different destination someday and then the organisation will actually have to move. For four months, 019 compiles its own programme that explores the artistic potential in and around the 18th-century style rooms at Hôtel de Coninck. Both indoors and in public spaces around the museum. So, Design museum Gent will have guests, but the host and guest roles are not that easily defined. The museum is invaded but only by welcoming invaders: 019 in turn invites different artists and (graphic) designers to create and present work. That way, a diverse collective contributes to the new temporary platform: 019 — Museum of Moving Practice.