019 — Museum Of Moving Practice


Paradigm Weekly [Kanye Kabanon] focusses on the impact of contemporary visual culture on the behaviour of architectural practice, and the influence of design media and representation on the development of architecture. The studio is set up as a hybrid of arch school seminar, design collective and self-publishing platform. We function as an office dealing with architecture and reality; our limbs are speed, surface, media.
The studio organised a NORMCORE HARDCORE CAPITALISM TOUR to explore the notion that Apple and Aesop store interiors together constitute the Père Lachaise of Architecture — a graveyard of sexy tombs radiating bygone potential for a long-lost discipline, retromanically revisitable. The tour saw participant performers hopping from every Aesop store to every Apple store in London in April 2017.

The event was documented, published ’n’ posted, and its digital aftermath scoured for bits and bobs to raise discussions about capitalist minimalist style convergence in a publication. Alongside a preview of the book, we will be opening the office to show our recent works at the Museum of Moving Practice, Design Museum Ghent, on Friday 9 June at 8PM.

Paradigm Weekly Office + Corneel Cannaerts and Pieterjan Ginckels