019 Summerschool: Military & Minotaurs, an exercise in disappearing

019 — Museum Of Moving Practice

17/07/2017 – 23/07/2017

“Throw away yourself and build a new you”, “South Western Deserts as a place to hide”, “Fright hopping – riding the rails”,… are 3 chapters from a handy guide with the magnificent title “How to disappear in America”. In this workshop we will use disappearance itself as a motive. The symbolism and thematic of this rebellious act or weird misfortune keeps to elude: from van Caspar David Friedrich “Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer “ to Adolf Hitler’s mysterious death to Bas Jan Ader’s “In Search of the Miraculous”. Participants are invited to approach this topic from their current position within the field of the arts. Together, we will mimic, duplicate, critique and rebel.

For this program we are looking for students who have an affinity with art, architecture and design, text and image, sound and radio or various other artistic mediums to sign up and participate. Apply to the 019 Summer School now and spend an invigorating week with us at 019 — Museum Of Moving Practice during the Gentse Feesten!



— the 019 Summer School takes place from Monday 17 till Saturday 22 July, 2017.

— Sign up before 30 June, 2017 by filling in THIS form!

— Admission is free.

— The summer school can host up to 20 students (max).

From the entrees a selection will be made based on motivation and work.

— The summer school will happen at 019 — Museum Of Moving Practice. A temporary occupation of the Design museum Gent.

— Take note: Accommodation will not be provided by the summer school. Once you have been accepted to take part in the program, we will send you a list of nice and reasonable priced places to stay.

Military & Minotaurs, an exercise in disappearing is a project by Ward Heirwegh & Ine Meganck
For more information, contact us at info@019-ghent.org