Museum Of Moving Practice

01/09/2017 – 17/09/2017

Museum Dreams is a newspaper reporting on the dreams of the Design Museum’s staff. From all departments of the museum, nocturnal dreams, day dreams and imaginary events create a picture of the institution as a collective imaginary space.

In the dream museum we meet ghosts from the past, fruits of passion, hidden trapdoors and beautiful backsides. We might prefer to have sleep time off work, yet it creeps in as hopes and pressures swirl around and come out in surreal forms. The stories are an invitation to re-look at existing spaces and objects within the museum and the forces that shape cultural institutions. If the museum is defined as a place across multiple imaginations, then the museum dreams too.

During the opening there will be a reading from the newspaper and a dream tour through the building.

Action is a Rotterdam-based art, publishing and design collective consisting of Ilke Gers (NZ), Quenton Miller (AU), and a range of collaborators related to each project. Their work is often site specific and process orientated, creating structures that negotiate social spaces.