Ken Garland (UK)

Typojanchi 2017 / The 5th International Typography Biennaele. In collaboration with Korea Craft & Design Foundation and Korean Society of Typography

15/09/2017 – 29/10/2017

Raising a flag is something that expresses the opinions and ideas of individuals and groups to others, and the visual language revealed in a flag and the behavior of waving is an active mise-en-scéne. Various ideas of 14 designers (teams) on the subject of the body are expressed by the medium of flags with typography and graphics. The flags will be exhibited simultaneously at Culture Station 284 in Seoul, Korea and 019 in Ghent, Belgium. More info here.

Artists:  (70 x 100 cm)
Eike König (DE)
Sascha Lobe (DE)
Erik Brandt (US)
Jon Sueda & Christopher Hamamoto (US)
Valentijn Goethals (NL) & Tjobo Kho (BE)
Anna Kulachek
Studio Joost Grootens (NL)
Roosje Klap (NL)
Jiri Oplatek (CH)
Rikako Nagashima (JP)
Guang Yu (CN)
Shim Daeki & Shim Hyojun (KR)

(700 x 1000 cm)
Ken Garland & Associates (UK)

Curator: Shim Daeki (DAEKI & JUN)