In collaboration with Das Kunst

01/04/2018 – 01/05/2018

Almost Easter holiday! And that means the start of our new project ‘RONDO’ in collaboration with Das Kunst vzw and Stad Gent. RONDO will function as an experimental workstation and exhibition platform for work produced by children. During four Wednesdays and Saturdays afternoons, the supervisors of Das Kunst will work on this ‘gesamtkunstwerk’ and you can help. If you are between six and twelve years old and want to participate, then pass by on one of the afternoons and join. You can find the installation next to the city hall on the Goudenleeuwplein, until then!

Image: Michiel De Cleene
Design: Olivier Goethals & Tomas Lootens
Construction: Bieke Criel, Victor Sirot, Tomas Lootens, Olivier Goethals & Michiel De Cleene
Supervision: Das Kunst vzw