Nicolas Deshayes at the Victoria Greenhouses of the Botanical Garden (Ghent)

Cucold's Point & Gossip Column

05/01/2021 – 28/02/2021

Cucold’s Point & Gossip Column by Nicolas Deshayes where added to the Victoria Greenhouses of the botanical Garden Ghent (GUM) as an extension of our RESERVOIR exhibition. You can visit the greenhouses everyday.
For more info on RESERVOIR click here.

 2018, cast aluminium, stainless steel and water; * N.D.(F, °1983) lives and works in London (UK); N.D. uses industrial materials and processes to create bulbous and suggestive bodily forms; △ for the installation N.D. has developed his ongoing series of sculptures in expanding foam; a material most commonly used for buoyancy in shipbuilding, he uses it to create forms that hint at anatomy or plumbing systems. (Courtesy Stuart Shave/Modern art, London, Copyright the Artist.)


Images by Michiel Devijver & Michiel De Cleene