Dirk Zoete: Quatro Grãos

31/01/2016 – 30/04/2016

Sunday Janaury 31 marks the inauguration of the second presentation in Billboard Series, with a newly commissioned work of Dirk Zoete, entitled “Quatro Grãos”. Inside 019, Dirk Zoete will mount a one-day exhibition with some of the sculptural characters inhabiting his practice, as well as present his Billboard Series support edition “The Mexican”, commissioned by artlead.

In his search for bewilderment, Dirk Zoete (°1969, BE) creates small-scale models, showcasing new settings constructed out of everyday elements. These settings — and the pictures Zoete takes of them — are part of a circular creation process, in which every element leads to another — from model to photograph to drawing to model. Come discover the new world Dirk Zoete has created with a cardboard coffee cup, burned buns and some pins.