The Floor is Lava

13/07/2021 – 13/09/2021

Victor Verhelst studied Graphic Design at LUCA school of arts in Ghent after which he engaged himself in commissioned and autonomous work as a designer and artist. As a (graphic) designer, illustrator and typographer, he is obsessed with colours and their healing power. 

The distortion and juxtaposition of 2D and 3D image planes in the creation of figurative colour combinations characterises his graphic work. Printed matter – from digital to 3D, from risography to textile – forms his starting point, always working with the relationship of the materiality to the pre-made (digital) image. 

Overarching digital works remain a constant in his oeuvre, such as this billboard from his ongoing series called TRIPPY VEGAS: his conception of a growing digital city consisting of virtual cityscapes and buildings. 

Also did Verhelst found earlier this year his own publishing house and lab called Moriso where he wants to investigate and connect forms of aesthetics together with other designers and artists.