Talking Letterheads

Part of the exhibition 'Off The Grid: Belgian Graphic Design from the 1960s and 70s as Seen by Sara De Bondt

24/01/2020 – 03/03/2020

A interview marathon with contemporary Belgian graphic designers. Hosted by Gerard Herman & Dylan Belgrado. Coordinated by Sara De Bondt, Ronny Duquenne, Valentijn Goethals, Ine Meganck and Jeroen Wille. Part of the exhibition Off the Grid: Belgian Graphic Design from the 1960s and 70s as Seen by Sara De Bondt.

Phantom Radio is an ongoing project, a 91.0 MHz FM radio station (g)hosted by Ine Meganck and Valentijn Goethals. The project was originally initiated in collaboration with Paul Elliman (UK) at the Werkplaats Typografie school in Arnhem (NL), a former radio distribution center. Within the school a space was created, to re-locate the lost origin of the building. Hidden in a secret room above the kitchen, an acoustic window on a world alive with electro-magnetic activity awaited to be opened. The Phantom Radio became an unconventional space for students, designers, musicians and artists. A place where participants for a short period of time could trade the medium of printed matter and parasite the airwaves. Keeping in mind a series of limitations. Nowadays the Phantom Radio also functions as a nomadic radio station. The project isn’t tied to one specific location nor time-zone. Tune in now!


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Billboard framework: Olivier Goethals
Photography: Michiel De Cleene

This billboard is a collaboration between Design museum Gent and 019. It functions as an alternative exhibition platform for (graphic) designers. A leftover from the Museum Of Moving Practice project that happend between the 18th of May and the 17th of September 2017, where 019 temporary occupied a part of the museum. This billboard is a copy of the Billboard Series framework that has been hanging at 019 since September 2015. (A project by artlead, All Things Contemporary Vzw & 019.) Each billboard stays up for two months. The designers are selected by 019.