James Langdon

Female head, Cypriot, early 5th century B.C., rendered in limestone pixels

16/02/2021 – 18/04/2021

James Langdon is an independent graphic designer and writer and professor for Communication Design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe.

The billboard on the side of Design Museum Gent in Drabstaat is an ongoing project of the Gent graphic design collective 019, providing an alternative exhibition platform for graphic designers. Every design remains in place for 2 months. The 50 sq.m. billboard is all that remains of the exhibition project 019 — Museum Of Moving Practice from 2017, during which the collective temporarily occupied a section of the museum. Billboard is based on the Billboard Series concept on the wall of the 019 building in Dok Noord since September 2015 (a joint project of artlead, All Things Contemporary Vzw & 019).