AgwA, BEL, Central, Dhoore Vanweert, Eagles of Architecture, Ouest, Studio Bont, VERS.A

03/12/2016 – 04/12/2016


For two days, and two days only, 8 architecture offices present 64 scale models in the former welding factory 019 in Dok Noord, Ghent. This collection of 64 models extracted from the studios reveals largely unseen work and a diversity of approaches. Models live an ephemeral life. Models celebrate architecture. So does the opening and closing evening of 64 models.

AgwA – BEL – Central – Dhoore Vanweert – Eagles of Architecture – Ouest – Studio Bont – VERS.A

open on 04/12/2016
opening evening saturday 03/12/2016 – 18h30 > 23h00