14/03/2019 – 14/03/2019

Reference Guide, Michiel De Cleene

Design by 019

Reference Guide, Michiel De Cleene
Roma Publication 345
176 pages – 245x320mm – ISBN 9789492811400 – 35 EUR
design: We Became Aware / 019
On 14 March 2019, the book will be presented in Kunsthal Gent. Several excerpts from the collection will be presented and accompanied by a guided tour/lecture by Michiel De Cleene.

Reference Guide is a growing encyclopaedia on ships, forests and pacemakers.

It is a collection of entries, connected and fuelled by cross-references. These not only determine the characteristics of the collection and its use, but they are also the mechanism behind its expansion. All* entries are transcripts of moments when objects and technologies challenge the strict boundaries that apply to them and emphasize their transitory nature.

Reference Guide aims at allowing each reader to construct his or her own path through the different entries. This movement is similar to the one you might make within l’Encyclopédie, The Winkler Prins, the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Wikipedia, etc.; a movement that might take you from the entry on the aorta**, to the heart***, to surgeon****, to scalpel*****, to knife******, to axe*******, to forestry******** only to end up at silver birch********* or – with a different turn somewhere along the way – at windmill**********, oil painting***********, carbon monoxide************, the moon************* or keel**************.

The DIN A4-pages in the publication that will appear in 2019 (Roma Publications) are a uniform way of presenting the heterogeneous material this project consists of.

The collection incorporates modified carousel projectors, two pacemakers taking each other for a heart, transcripts, framed pictures, manuals, short films, a giant billboard, recordings, altered batteries, a collection of low pressure sodium lamps, a carpet, a pronouncing dictionary, postcards, eighty pigeon rings on a rope, seven scale-models of a Himalayan mountain, etc. This book is the reference guide to this collection: for each entry, it gathers both the DIN A4-page(s) and – in the margins – the provisional set of cross-references.

An updated version of this reference guide accompanies every iteration of the collection, whether it manifests itself as an exhibition, an archive, a lecture, a website, a guided tour, etc.
Michiel De Cleene is a researcher at KASK & Conservatorium, the School of Arts of HOGENT and howest. Reference Guide is part of the eponymous research project and was financed by the HOGENT Arts Research Fund.