Nora Turato: Performance, Book Launch & Edition Presentation

in collaboration with artlead


artlead and 019 are proud to present an evening with Nora Turato. Join us for a brand new performance, the presentation of Nora’s new Pool publication, and a brand new, limited edition silk scarf.

Friday, 13 December at 20:30
019. Dok-Noord 5L, 9000 Gent

The bar will be open.
(Hot)drinks will be served.
This is a free event

Nora Turato (°1991, Zagreb) reflects on the hectic (internet) culture of today. In her work, she explores language as a signifier that is constantly changing and tries, through a non-stop process of reinterpretation, to organise and organise our culture and world so that we can relate to it.

Using various but closely interwoven media, Turato builds a practice in which she plays with the speed of language and the ready-made vocabulary of the Internet. Her source material is text from a multitude of sources; a collection of appropriated words, sentences, fragments and quotes from film, advertising, literature, chat conversations, theatre, and social media.

Fragments of these texts find their way onto posters, prints, and artist books, but also form the basis for her meticulously scripted performances.

This event is set up in the context of artlead and 019’s joint public projects with Nora Turato in Ghent.