12/03/2018 – 15/04/2018

Five flags by Marijs Kempynck

We Act We Glow We Burn We React We Maintain We Persists We

Do we have tailwind or headwind?
Or is the wind blowing from a different angle?

In The craftsman, the man as a maker, Richard Sennett poses that skilled rituals contribute to a conviction in a physical way. The flag as part of a ritual that may cause participation/  commitment/vision, apart from of any political framework.The flag as a symbol of strength and movement.
The fluttering of flags suggests energy, freedom, fun.

Which we want to be blindsided?
What makes us do what we do?
Where do we want to stand for?
To relate oneself to social issues nowadays is complex. We dig,
root and collect material above. Or we’ll get back down.
Do we fight against windmills?

Positioning is desperately needed:
trapeze flight versus electro shock
ready-to-use versus DIY
systematics versus freewheeling
the dark harbor mouth versus the cosy inn
shiny boilers versus black burned pots