MANOR GRUNEWALD – EHD Handling (edition 01)

An afternoon at 019 presented by Artlead


Artlead gladly invite you to the presentation of a new edition by MANOR GRUNEWALD, titled “E.H.D. Handling (edition 01)”

Manor Grunewald
“E.H.D. Handling (editions 01)”, 2016
UV print on mesh, oil and acrylics spray-paint on canvas in an alu frame
50 x 60 cm

This new edition is a part of E.H.D., a larger series in Grunewald’s practice which stands for “External Hard Drive”. This series refers to a physical, versatile archive that the artists is constructing, and that forms the basis for developing new work. The source material in this archive is constantly transformed – by enlargements, contract adjustments and other disruptions – through an old Xerox machine, resulting in large scale abstract works.

Within this series, “E.H.D Handling” is a new subseries that focuses on close-ups of hands within the process of creation. The found imagery comes from industrial manuals and hobby books, and could be read as a visual reference to the production of Grunewald’s large scale abstract works

The theatrical presentation of this edition will involve a tuned Fiat Punto, an especially composed track by Freek Lukas, neon lights and lots of smoke. It will start at 18h30 sharp!

(and yes, there will be drinks)

Photos: Titus Simoens