Book launch by Márk Redele.


Join us on the 22nd of December at 20:00 for the launch of the book, LIKE DUST BEFORE IT FALLS by Márk Redele.
With contributions by Annee Grøtte Viken, Angeliki Tzortzakaki, Ine Meganck and Michiel De Cleene.
Published by Building Fictions.
‘Like dust before it falls’ started with the ambition to bring five fluid, porous, bulging aluminium bodies together in a weaving factory in the Bahraini desert. The volume collects traces as part of a journey that began when overheated metal dust settled into solid forms along a series of precarious collisions. Five authors then came together to weave a disorienting fabric of fiction between image evidence of aluminium bodies, memories, digital reconstructions, geographical conditions, architectural space, materials and their relationships.

Márk Redele(HU, 1991) is an Amsterdam based practitioner that pursues projects that often originate in architecture. Their practice deals with the material cultures surrounding architectural and spatial practice. They investigate the role of material attitudes and their agency forming potential for imagining and interrogating non-dominant narratives and sensitivities. In their work, uncertainty, fragility, fluidity and porosity appear as an undoing of confidence and singularity and as a trace of intelligence other than that of the designer, the architect or the maker. They are often occupied with the notion of things already felt but not fully formed and in that spirit they regularly cite Yve Lomax’s voice that dwells on one’s throat but not yet ejected.

Made possible with the support of the Creative Industries Fund NL and Fonds Kwadraat.