04/05/2016 – 04/05/2016


Release show 'Serve Yourself'

Happening – ‘Serve Yourself’, split ep by Crowd of Chairs & MAZE



It’s what the elderly like to call noise and what the kids call trash. Words so alike that have such a difference in meaning. MAZE adds art to a blend of guitars, pounding drums, shredding vocals and a serious attitude to get to a point that they like to call “lo-fi-no-wave.

‘Other Convictions’ by Maze ⟶ youtube  / website

Crowd Of Chairs

A complex mind trip of rusty chairs, non-stop hitting your face. Not an actual thing, if you ask us. It‘s the feeling we like to produce. Again and again, until you feel nothing but happily ashamed.
You might like to compare it with a lingering mess in your head. But once a noisy thought enters your mind, you can no longer ignore it. We’re not talking about real sounds. Actually, we’re not talking about anything at all.

‘Hieronymus’ by Crowd of Chairs ⟶ youtube

20u00 doors
21u00 MAZE
22u00 Crowd of Chairs


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