Booklaunch & Talk TRANS: “City Made”



“Three recently built factory facilities, designed by Ghent based architects TRANS architectuur|stedenbouw, bring manufacturing back to the city.
Nina Rappaport, known for her reference work Vertical Urban Factory, Job Floris and Mark Brearley place the projects in an international context.
Interviews with policy makers and the factory management give a behind the scene insight in the coproduction of these pioneering projects. “


This book documents the most recent realizations of urban factory facilities in Flanders designed by the upcoming architecture studio TRANS. In Flanders three recently built factory facilities showcase the potential of bringing manufacturing back to the city. Nina Rappaport (Yale University) and Job Floris (Monadnock architects) put these projects designed by Ghent-based architects TRANS into context. 

Interviews with CEOs and policymakers give a ‘behind the scenes’ insight on the co-production of these pioneering projects and high-quality drawings and pictures show precise information on their construction. Also included is an interview with Mark Brearley (London Met, Mayor of London team) who relates the projects to an international context. Policymakers, investors, students and people interested in the much acclaimed Flemish architectural production will categorize it as an essential book on the topic.


Images by Stijn Bollaert