19/03/2016 – 19/03/2016

BLANCO 20160319

Realisation in collaboration with 019

BLANCO 20160319

Designed by Olivier Goethals, artist-architect, lives & works in Ghent. oliviergoethals.info

Realisation in collaboration with 019.
019 is an artist-collective running a production- and exhibition space in a former welding factory in the old harbour. This installation is based on previous interventions in 019, Ghent and Be-Part, Waregem.

Images by Michiel De Cleene


Coupure Rechts 308 – 9000 Ghent
Contact: blanco@nucleo.be

BLANCO is the name under which the Ghent studio organisation NUCLEO is developing its showcase activities. BLANCO provides a view of the work of NUCLEO’s resident artists, offering room for experimentation, reflection and presentation.
BLANCO opened a research and presentation venue in one of NUCLEO’s studio buildings in March 2015, and is also taking a number of projects outside its own buildings. In this way the organization stimulates its artists to use their work to enter into dialogue with the world beyond the studio.