S&D#031: Jules Van Biesbroeck jr. De Mastplanters / Les Planteurs de Mât. (Bronze, 1902)
Jan Hoetplein (between S.M.A.K. & MSK), 9000 Ghent

This statue first installed in 1902 by the city of Ghent. It has been out of use for over 100 years (with one exception by Daniel Buren in 1980). The annexation of this statue by 019 started in November 2016.

Images by Michiel De Cleene
Many thanks to the culture department of the city of Ghent
S&D#031: We Became Aware / Flag of the World proposal
⟶ Jan Hoetplein, 26/11/2016 — 11/02/2017

S&D#031: Michiel & Arnout De Cleene / F#1-13
During a period of thirty-nine days, a flag and a wind sensor will be attached to De Mastplanters, at set times the gridded surface will be photographed, and data collected.
*F describes a north-northeasterly wind of 20 knots coming from the flag and passing between both museums.
⟶ Jan Hoetplein, 12/02/2017 — 20/03/2017

S&D#031: Olivier Goethals / Roofbouw
⟶ Jan Hoetplein, 24/03/2017 — 24/04/2017

S&D#031: Michaël van den Abeele / Birth Of A Nation
⟶ Jan Hoetplein, 25/10/2017 — 25/12/2017

S&D#031: Jonas von Lenthe / The Refused Proposals For The Flag Of Europe
⟶ Jan Hoetplein, 08/12/2017 — 31/01/2018