019 — Museum Of Moving Practice

It’s time for experimentation, an exercise. More specifically, an exercise in moving, because the building where 019 is temporarily housed, will get a different destination someday and our organisation will eventually have to move. Starting from summer of 2017, 019 is executing a series of movings. Originally occupying a wing of the Design museum Gent for four months while the buildings on the outskirts of the town was literally sealed shut. 019 compiled its own programme that explores the artistic potential in and around the 18th-century style rooms at Hôtel de Coninck. Both indoors and in public spaces around the museum. So, Design museum Gent had guests, but the host and guest roles where not that easily defined. The museum was occupied but by welcoming occupiers: 019 in turn invited different artists to create and present work. That way, a diverse collective contributed to a new temporary platform: 019 — Museum of Moving Practice. And now, this moving museum continue’s to travel. Exploring the potential of 019’s practice on different locations, in different times.

019 — Museum Of Moving Practice originally started as a project by: Tim Bryon, Bieke Criel, Michiel De Cleene, Design museum Gent, Hector Devriendt, Olivier Goethals, Valentijn Goethals, Tjobo Kho, Tomas Lootens, Mathieu Serruys, Kobe Vandenberghe, Van Eeghem BVBA & Leo Verlinden and was made possible with the support of the province of East-Flanders, Design museum Gent & the City of Ghent.

Post Brothers, The Hole Idea

Gestalte, Collect & Show

Filip Dujardin, Accumulation D’Époque#01

Selección Natural, Curated by Moritz Küng

Setting Up A Cabinet, Theo De Meyer with Arthur Dekker

Common Room, Direction without orientation

Paradigm Weekly Open Office

Masters Textile Design

Filip Dujardin, Accumulation D’Époque#02

Karel Martens, Motion

Stijn Cole, New Colors / Sunrise 8/6/2017

Artist Talk, Karel Martens

Turncoats Debate, The Good, the bad and the Belgian

Subbacultcha Presents: Hand Habits (Woodsist)

Summerschool, Military & Minotaurs

Filip Dujardin, Accumulation D’Époque#03

Quenton Miller, Here I Am, Writing You A Letter

Olivier Goethals, Magic 4x4x4

Lydia Debeer, Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Manor Grunewald, External Hard Disk

Mathew Kneebone, Auras

Ben Thorp Brown, Toymakers

Filip Dujardin, Accumulation D’Époque#04

Action, Museum Dreams

Nicolas Lamas, Before Disappearing

Ilke Gers, ABCs

Actual Size Real Time #1 Partial Views

Michiel De Cleene, Transitory Nature

Jan & Randoald, Jur (billboard)

Daniel Eatock, Visible Vehicle Repair (Billboard)

Ine Meganck, Ghost (Family) Paintings (billboard)

Experimental Jetset, You Are Here, You Are Now (billboard)

Bieke Criel, Mylar Silver 5,7 x 7,3 (one day billboard)

Bráulio Amado, ≃01:05:24 (billboard)